Before You Run Out of Clean Clothes in Lubbock, TX...

Call us for speedy washing machine repair services

What's worse than having to do a giant pile of laundry? Finding out that your washing machine doesn't work. Don't re-wear your dirty clothes-arrange for washing machine repair services from Advanced Electronics, Inc.

Whether the machine is leaking, not filling with water or shaking excessively during a cycle, we can fix the problem.

Call now to schedule your washing machine repair service in Lubbock, TX or surrounding areas.

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Get your laundry done faster with washing machine or dryer repair

If it seems like it takes forever for your clothes to dry, you're not just impatient. You could be dealing with a faulty dryer. Speed up the drying process by calling on the experienced team at Advanced Electronics.

Our knowledgeable dryer repair technicians tackle all kinds of issues, including:

  • Shaking or rattling
  • Problems turning on
  • Overheating
Contact us today to arrange for dryer repair services in the Lubbock, TX area.